Student Positioning

The approach we use to most effectively help Students make decisions about the future is to combine a Personalized Private Interview with the results of a state of the art Student Assessment tool.

Many families with college-bound students aren't aware of the benefits of working with an independent College Admissions Counselor. For students attending public schools, the student-to-counselor ratio continues to climb with budget problems facing many school districts. 500:1 is quite common, and we've seen schools with ratios higher than 1000:1.

An inordinate number of students are not graduating after spending 4 years in college, many are transferring to multiple colleges, and too many are dropping out completely. Research shows the two primary factors to be:

  • Financial Hardship:
    • Running out of money due to lack of proper planning
    • Taking well beyond 4 years to graduate: college transfers, changing major(s), getting classes
  • Poor Student/College Fit:
    • Academic or learning style mismatch
    • Social or political mismatch
    • College selection often based on "name" only (Brand Name Paralysis)

Our goal is to help you avoid these costly mistakes, possibly saving you tens of thousands of dollars in the process. If you would like to explore the possibility of having your student work 1-on-1 with an independent Counselor, we can help. We have some of THE finest credentialed and certified College Counselors in the nation on our Advisory Team.

Student Positioning doesn't stop with student counseling. SAT/ACT Test Preparation is an integral part of a comprehensive college planning program. Not only does an impressive test score open more doors from a College Admissions standpoint, but it can also be instrumental in receiving merit scholarships, especially when coupled with a solid GPA.

Some of our other student positioning services include but are not limited to:

  • Personalized Student Assessment Tools
  • Private Interviewing Sessions with Professional Counselors
  • In-Depth College, Major and Career Searches
  • Proprietary ACT/SAT "Cliff Notes" Courses
  • Resume Creation/Coaching Sessions
  • Admission Essay Coaching
  • Admission Application Reviews
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Comprehensive Admissions Counseling
  • Scholarship/Merit-Based Aid Positioning Strategies
  • Chances of Enrollment Strategies
  • And much, much more