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I have made a career helping "Forgotten Middle Class" families get into - and pay "wholesale" prices for - the best colleges in the country, even if they think they can't possibly qualify for any assistance or feel overwhelmed, confused and don't have a clue about how financial aid and scholarships work!
  •  Part of the nation's largest and most reputable provider of college admissions, funding and financial aid planning services.
  •  Helped thousands of families send their children to their dream colleges - while making paying for it more easily affordable.
  •  On a personal note; I got all 6 of my children through their undergraduate programs, with #6 pursuing her PhD, and I share tips, secrets and strategies on how you can do the same.
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At $80,000 to $300,000 per student, how will you fund your child(ren)'s college education? 

Don't become paralyzed or assume you can't afford your child's dream school. 

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